Google A Religion

    Machinima Documentary, 2015/16

    NAFA Film Festival, Bergen Norway.

    A machinima documentary about the Church of Google, an online community, not officially associated with Google, that believes Google is the closest thing to a god that can be scientifically proven.


    Data is Perspective

    Interactive Data Visualization, 2016

    The purpose of this work is to convey the deconstructive and reconstructive processes in data analysis & to highlight the subjective nature of data interpretation. Text excerpts from semi-structured interviews of people working with big data and data visualizations at La Cura, Italy 2016.

    Looking Up

    Digital Artwork, 2014

    Cheadle Hall Undergraduate Art Exhibition, UC Santa Barbara

    A poetic visual melange of time, place, space & authors. In splintering the safe, seductive, romanticised recordings of nature, Looking Up is a response to, and a reflection of the digitalisation & democratization of our culture.

    Can Fairies

    Documentary, 2014

    Annual Undergraduate Video Exhibition, UC Santa Barbara

    Commonly refereed to as 'Can Fairies,' these individuals collect cans from bins, dumpsters, backyards and patios in Isla Vista and recycle them for cash. This is their story.


    Infinite Deferral of Meaning

    Digital Artwork, 2011

    Art Express, The NSW Art Gallery

    A visual exploration of the linguistic philosophies of postmodern theorists Derrida, Lacan & Lyotard, who explore language as an endless play of signification. Creation begins with an idea. The idea is in the word.


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    ‘Big Data’ is a communally produced layer of digital documentation that when analyzed and categorized often elicits a sense of ‘overwhelmingness’. This paper focuses on the experience of accessing this data both as producer and analyst. The research follows an interdisciplanry groups projects to produce wearable technologies and a collaborative online platform. This paper has been published in volume 2 of The Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology: Augmented Digital Lives: Experiences in Mobility, Big Data, and Robotics..



    This research paper explores ways in which the internet has changed the way spirituality and religion are approached. Specifically it looks at the digital religion of The Church of Google - Googlism. This online community, not officially associated with Google, believe “Google is the closest thing to a god that can be scientifically proven.” This paper has been published in the book Digital Environments: Ethnographic Perspectives Across the Globe. 



    This short article gives insight into the visual experiment and paper that I wrote in 2016 documenting the community of The Church of Google. The article is available online here thanks to the Research Hive Polology.



    In 2009 I won the Hans Kimmel Memorial Prize for a short biographical piece that I wrote about my grandfather, Neil Glasser. I then went on to compose and publish a full memoir Neil Glasserm MVO: Never Wear a Watch: Entrepreneur Extraordinary. What can I say, his life was extraordinary. Written from a third person perspective, my own, the story of Neil Glasser, the man who pioneered innovation retailing in the land Down Under, is told in the form of a collection of hilarious and sometimes poignant short stories. From running away to sea as a boy to turning down the Queen's Tea, his life is a page turner.



    Exhibited at the 2010 HSC Design and Technology Showcase, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Australia. Lellow is a children's story that explores the origin and meaning of Indigenous names of iconic places around Australia. The pictures accompanying the story of Lellow are my digital modifications of artworks produced by school children from the places mentioned in the story. I created Lellow for my HSC major work in Design and Technology (2010). I was inspired to do so, during research for my English major in toponomy when I discovered that 73% of Australian place names have Indigenous origins.

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    Freie Universität Berlin

    Visual & Media Anthropology Masters, 2016

    Berlin, Germany


    I have an insatiable curiosity for the relationships between digital cultures, the creative industries and the modes through which organisations engage with audiences. For this reason when I was invited to complete a Visual & Media Anthropology masters at Freie Universität, I accepted. Within weeks I had relocated to Berlin.


    I now live in a city positioned on the world stage as one of the most dynamic hubs for creative practices and research. Amongst the twenty five other students selected - we are titled Generation Eight - I have begun my studies researching the relationships between media, culture and the political.




    You Is Now

    Graphic Designer, 2016

    Berlin, Germany


    With a desire to expand my experience in UX/UI and graphic design I began work at the end of 2015 at You Is Now, a Berlin based incubator founded in 2010 by ImmobilienScout24 for early stage start-ups related to real estate.


    My role invovled: Website re-design & development; Wordpress management; Print and online graphic design; creating marketing collateral, advertisements, & collateral.


    Communications Coordinator, 2015

    Sydney, Australia


    Since the beginning of 2015 I was the Communications Coordinator at Carriageworks, Australia’s leading multi-arts centre. I worked on marketing and communication activities for both the Artistic Program and the Carriageworks Farmers Market.


    My role involved: Coordinating online communication: website, mail campaigns, e-newsletters & social media. Doing graphic design: creating marketing collateral, advertisements, education packs, exhibition signage & print collateral. Developing marketing opportunities & conducting audience research. Analytics: online & print media management, measurement & reportage.


    Creative Media Coordinator, 2011-2014

    At Pozible, Australia’s top crowdfunding platform I was the Creative Media Coordinator. During my time there, the company grew exponentially, with project numbers rising from a few hundred to several thousand.


    My role involved: Campaign consulting; Event planning and coordination (including workshops for hundreds of project creators); Marketing and social media management; Community engagement and development; PR; as well as Administration.

    University of Sydney

    Digital Cultures & Art History Major, B.A.S in 2014

    Sydney, Australia


    My Digital Cultures Major critically investigated the social and cultural impacts of new digital media technologies. It combined scholarly critical depth with contemporary relevance.


    My Art History Major examined a wide spectrum of media and art practices; from the canonical forms of painting to video installation, processional ritual to performance art and early prints to land art. This major is highly relevant in today’s image-saturated world as it developed my skills in understanding and interpreting visual communication, expression and innovation.



    University of California Santa Barbara

    Exchange, 2013-2014

    California, USA


    I had the great fortune of being given the opportunity to study abroad for two semesters at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). Attending UCSB was a monumental step in growing intellectually, artistically, and socially.


    During my semesters abroad year, I reinforced my admiration for the power of digital art by exhibiting two new works; conquered my fear of performing spoken word poetry and made it a love; represented my university as a host for a Peers potluck; and helped put on the exhibition Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World at the Japanese National Museum in LA.



    Le Cordon Bleu

    Patisserie Certificate 1, 2011

    Sydney, Australia


    My summer at Le Cordon Bleu (and right of passage for every sugar addict) was every bit as delicious and inspiring as I imagined. Over the course of 3 months I studied in detail the various combinations, properties and applications of the main ingredients in French pâtisserie - flour, butter, eggs and passion - so as to make various types of pâtisserie such as pâte sablée, pâte feuilletée and choux pastry.


    The skills mastered during my studies included:- understanding french culinary terms and techniques, the use and care of cookery equipment, working in a safe and hygienic manner, food preparation and mise en place, work organisation and planning.




    40K Foundation

    Volunteer, 2010

    Bangalore, India


    40K helped me fall in love with doing meaningful work. I had the opportunity to be one of the first volunteers from Australia to work with the organisation in their newly built home, The Banyan, on the outskirts of Bangalore in India.


    Under the guidance of 40K managers and The Lovedale Foundation, I had the chance to re-inspire and help educate severely underprivileged kids from the local villages and nearby granite quarry of Bangalore. More importantly, it was they who taught me the value that play and creativity has on one's overall well being and health.


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